New Working Group on Human Resources established by AHK Ukraine

09.07.18 Aktuell, AHK Ukraine - News-Hauptkategorie, Global News

Photo by: Nicole De Khors / Burst

The problem of labour migration still remains an urgent issue in Ukraine and shows negative results on the economic development of the country. This issue induces companies and the government to look for new ways of keeping the workforce, especially young people, in the country. Today business shows a strong interest in improving the working conditions, developing new methods of human resources management, and is ready to cooperate for reaching better results. 

In this regard, in May 2018 the German-Ukrainian Chamber of Commerce considered establishing a new Working Group on Human Resources, which was originally initiated by the German and Ukrainian companies. On the 12th of June Ms Yulia Prorochenko, Head of the HR Department at Otten Consulting, was elected as a chairwoman of the newly established working group.

The main goals of the working group are:

  • Creating a favourable environment for the specialist not to leave the company and/or the country:
  • General Working conditions (labour legislation)
  • Motivation alternatives on a labour market
  • Proper practical education of Ukrainian youth

    Following the issues the group will also be dealing with:

  • Emigration of workforces (brain drain)
  • Lobbying: Labor legislation
  • Fair compensation and motivation of staff, employer’s competitiveness
  • Researches in Personnel and Human Resources Management 
  • Law qualified personnel
  • Education of young people
  • Retraining


  • be ready for the future with its fast changes and challenges
  • be ready to provide work for a new Y and Z generation