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Sitzung der Arbeitsgruppe "Lebens-, Futtermittel und Agrarwirtschaft"

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17.04.2018 | 15:00
- 16:30
vul. Pushkinska 34 Kyiv 01004 Ukraine

After successful launch of the working group Food, Feed & Agribusiness on 6th  March, we would like to invite you to the next meeting

on Tuesday, 17 of April at 3pm in the office of AHK Ukraine vul. Pushkinska 34 01004 Kyiv.

This meeting we will hold a chairman/chairwoman election for the working group Food, Feed & Agribusiness and his/her deputy. Please give us your suggestions regarding the candidacy by 13 of April via email event@ukraine.ahk.de

Please send us confirmation of participation in advance via email event@ukraine.ahk.de